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Sales Policy
Sales Policy

Trial Membership
There is a 365-day trial subscription. After 30 days, if we don't hear from you otherwise, or if you don't cancel your trial membership online, we will automatically assume you want to become a Subscriber. We will then charge you immediately for the subscription fees, based on the next shortest subscription allowed, which is Quarterly or 3 months for $25.00.


March 1 - Start of trial membership
March 31 - Trial membership ends, and you decide to get a quarterly subscription.
May 1 - Start of quarterly subscription period.

We will email you your renewal notices as a courtesy. You can switch to an annual subscription at any time. We recommend the annual subscription, for the time convenience of not having to renew every 3 months, and for the cost-savings value.

Transaction Fees
Virtual Canvas will get a ten percent (10%) transaction fee of the purchase sale through this website. Fees will go to our current operating expenses and upgrades to maintain a high quality website for you and visitors to the Site.

Privacy and Anonymity
Buyers and Sellers shall be known only by their usernames and email address, and will remain anonymous throughout the transaction. Virtual Canvas shall keep personal and billing information of both buyers and sellers confidential.

Privacy Policy

Buying Process
We accept only credit card payments.

Buyers and Sellers shall provide payment information to Virtual Canvas, before they can start transacting online. Virtual Canvas shall keep all credit card and billing information confidential, and will not share these proprietary information with anyone.

Once Buyer orders an Artwork/Item, Seller will be automatically notified of the order via email. It may take up to of 72 hours to ensure that the Artwork/Item is still available and has not been sold within the last 24 hours, and to give the Seller time to respond and accept the order. Other sales may be immediate, especially for prints and multiple-produced works. Once the sale is confirmed, the Buyer shall be given an email confirmation right away. Seller shall immediately ship the Artwork/Item to the Buyer, according to the Delivery preference. Per Federal Law, Seller is required to deliver the Item the same day the Buyer is charged. Seller shall provide the tracking order for the shipping to Virtual Canvas and the Buyer via email or via website under the Transaction Tracking Online Program. The Delivery preference shall also state how shipping will be handled for returns. All return shipping and handling costs shall be paid by the Seller, and Seller shall already have agreed on the costs, terms and condition in the sale transaction.

Safe and Sturdy Packaging
Seller shall be responsible for the safe packaging and protection of the Artwork/Item, using bubble wrap, sturdy boxes and other devises. It is imperative that the Artwork/Item shall arrive in perfect condition to the Buyer, to avoid returns and refunds. Shipping and handling costs of returned goods shall be the responsibility of the Seller. Seller shall also provide a mail tracking devise such as Express Mail, or Registered Mail; and a reliable carrier service such as UPS, FedEx or the local Post Office to ensure that the Artwork/Item can be tracked throughout the delivery process.

Buyer will pay for shipping and handling fees. Artwork or Item will be delivered per shipping instructions. Upon receipt of delivery, Buyer will have 72 hours to exam if the Artwork/Item's condition is satisfactory to the Buyer. If the Artwork/Item is not in good condition, or is not the Artwork/Item described by the Seller, the Buyer shall email via the Request Refund Email Program on the Virtual Canvas website within 72 hours upon receipt of delivery The Buyer and Seller will then receive an automatically generated email recording the time and date of Buyer's Request for Refund email. Seller shall pay for the return shipping charges.

Beyond the 72 hours after delivery of Artwork/Item, Buyer shall be assumed satisfied with the Artwork/Item, and shall forfeit all claims and refunds to the Artwork/Item bought.

After the 72 hours upon delivery, when the status of the transaction has been cleared, shall pay the Seller 90% of the listing price, and 10% of transaction fee shall be paid to Virtual Canvas. If there is a refund, Virtual Canvas shall issue a refund to the Buyer, minus return shipping charges taken from Seller's account.

All returns shall have same shipping carrier that delivered. Artist shall specify beforehand all shipping and handling charges, and shall take a fair and reasonable approach to shipping and handling fees and method, so Buyer will realistically know how much Buyer is charged for the shipping expenses.

Earned commissions shall be noted in the Commission Report, if this Program is offered. These will be paid on a quarterly basis, 4 times a year, on January 30, April 30, July 30, and October 30. The purpose for a quarterly payment of earned commissions is providing a reasonable amount of time for tracking, and accumulating commissions. Some commission may only be for $2.00 here or $5.00 there, depending on the Item sold, and paying these commissions altogether is a much more efficient way, and will help avoid confusion.

Transaction Tracking Online
Buyers and Sellers can find out the status of the Artwork/Item through a 24-hour Transaction Tracking Online and via email sent to inform both parties by Virtual Canvas.

Sellers are required to input the tracking information of deliveries on the Transaction Tracking Online Program, and to email the Buyer and Virtual Canvas of when the Artwork/Item was shipped.

For returns, Buyers are required to input the tracking number and information of returned Artwork/Item on the Transaction Tracking Online Program on the website. You can also find this link in the email sent to Buyers when the sale was initially confirmed.

Liabilities & Claims
Virtual Canvas shall not be responsible for any damages, losses, claims and liabilities between the Buyer and Seller beyond showing the Artworks/Items on the website, and processing the transaction. Virtual Canvas will do its best in facilitating a fair and reasonable buying process, but shall not be held responsible for the ultimate outcome of the transactions between Buyer and Seller.

After the Transaction has been completed, both Buyer and Seller shall provide Ratings for the transaction. The Ratings section can be accessed via the Virtual Canvas website and/or an email automatically sent to both parties when a transaction is completed. Through the Ratings process, both parties can find out which areas they have given good service, and which areas they can improve upon. Future buyers and sellers will also be given a glimpse of what to reasonably expect from the rated Buyer and Seller based on their Ratings Score and accompanying comments.

Dispute Resolution
Buyer shall contact the Seller directly for any delay, damage, wrong delivery or non-delivery of goods. It may be helpful to obtain proof or evidence of damage such as a before and after photo or Polaroid of the Artwork/Item before shipment. Forms of resolution may include replacing or refunding damaged goods, when applicable. If both parties cannot resolve their differences in a fair and reasonable manner or time period, Buyer and/or Seller may email Please outline all relevant information regarding the situation, including attaching any proof of evidence supporting your contention. However, please note that this service is offered as a courtesy and assistance by Virtual Canvas. Virtual Canvas acts only as a facilitator, and shall not be responsible for any damages, losses, claims and liabilities incurred by either Buyer or Seller.

Privacy Policy

Terms of Use




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